Transition Services

Our mission is to support people of working age and all abilities to achieve skills that lead to competitive integrated employment which in turn leads to enhanced social capital in their communities.

Prevocational Skills Program

Prevocational skills will be a hybrid of facility and community-based programming that works on skill building to lead to competitive integrated employment.

Facility based services will focus on educational components for skill building.

Community based services will focus on skill building through activities such as volunteer opportunities, business tours, and social skills education.

Success in employment comes as a direct result of options such as career exploration, community integrated experiences, skill development and training, development of daily living skills, socialization experiences, and pursuit of personal interests.

Young man working at coffee shop

Employment Services

Competitive Integrated Employment is individual typical jobs in the community, earning at least minimum wage, and working among peers without disabilities for the maximum hours consistent with the person's abilities and preferences.

Employment services will go through four basic steps:

  • Career Exploration and Discovery (continuing from prevocational)
  • Job Development
  • The Hire
  • Stabilization and Supports
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Contact Us

For information about our Prevocational Skills Program and Employment Services please contact Kris Leonard at:


262-468-0412 x. 5962