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Pre-placement Assessment Services and Activities

An inquiry or referral is usually initiated by families, residential providers or care managers via phone, mail, on-line referral or e-mail (contact us). A packet of information is provided and a tour of the site may be given to familiarize the person with Paragon’s services. If Paragon is considered a potential option for services, the inquiry becomes a formal referral and the necessary release forms are signed by the individual or guardian to begin the assessment process.

The assessment process includes interviews with the individual and/or guardian, approved/significant family members, current caregivers, current day program providers, and a review of past placement documentation where applicable. The purpose is to understand the cognitive, physical, medical, emotional, social, and recreational needs and wants of the individual, including their daily living and personal care skills, to determine Paragon’s ability to support the individual with current resources.

Referral Decision-making Criteria and Time Frame

The Paragon Director or designee makes the final determination regarding an admission based on the assessor’s recommendations. Paragon strives to complete the assessment process within two weeks from the formal referral. In the event of an urgent referral or admission, arrangements can be made for a more speedy response.

If the individual is able to be supported with current resources, a transition plan is developed by the multidisciplinary team. Transition plans vary from person to person. Many of the people we support are able to come for a tour and start with that exposure alone. Other people may require several weeks of transition to become familiar with the program schedule, environment and staff. At the same time, Paragon staff become familiar with the person’s support needs in order for the transition to be successful. Paragon staff are flexible in confirming transition and admissions plans that meet the needs of the person coming for services.

If a person is not able to be supported with current resources, Paragon will make creative attempts to develop alternative plans with the multidisciplinary team. This may include one to one ratios, special transportation arrangements, behavioral support plans and outside professional assistance. If Paragon does not feel its programs can effectively meet the needs of the person being referred, Paragon assists the referring agency in locating a more appropriate resource or day placement.

Actual Placement

Prior to the confirmed admission date, pre-admission forms are to be completed and returned. These forms include but are not limited to: medication, dietary, any restraint orders from a physician, results of recent physical and TB test, authorized behavior plans and any life-threatening condition protocols (i.e. seizure protocol), releases signed by the individual or guardian, and authorization for funding contracts or private pay agreements.

After the admission date is set, all necessary tasks are completed with regard to securing a contract, confirming funding, and confirming transportation arrangements. To find out how services are paid for through state funding programs, visit www.dhfs.wisconsin.gov/bdds/cip/

A 30 day review is scheduled after the admission date with the individual and/or guardian, care manager, approved family members/advocates, residential provider and the Paragon Program Coordinator or designee. A Support Plan is developed from the initial assessment, and a progress report is presented with the intent to develop goals and objectives that the individual and/or their support team deem appropriate.

Emergency Admission/Placement Procedures

Paragon can respond to most emergency admissions, provided all necessary paperwork is accomplished prior to the start date.