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What is Paragon’s history?

Paragon has been in operation since 1983, serving individuals with disabilities.


Who is eligible for services?

People with developmental disabilities, brain injuries, physical disabilities and dual diagnoses who need supervision, assistance with personal care needs, support with activity participation and aid setting personal goals. A thorough assessment is done prior to admission. This includes inquiry into medical, physical, cognitive, social, emotional and recreational needs and wants.

What ages do you serve?

Adults (ages 16 and over) are supported in our Adult Day Programs. Children and young adults are supported in our Paragon Activity Club (P.A.C.) respite programs.

Where are services available?

Paragon currently has 5 sites located in Wisconsin; Milwaukee, Green Bay, Plymouth, Fort Atkinson, and Union Grove.

What are the hours of operation?

Regular operating hours for our Adult Day Programs are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm. We also have before and after respite hours available at an additional cost. PAC services and hours vary by site.

What is your hiring process?

Paragon applicants are required to complete a criminal background check and safe driver check, have a high school diploma and an interest in working with individuals with disabilities. Interviews are extensive including screening for sexual predators.

What type of training do you require for your employees?

Paragon requires staff to have training in medication administration, fire safety, first aid, choking, safe lifting and transfers, handling challenging behaviors, dietary management, participant rights, abuse/neglect prevention, and participant specific medical needs such as tube feedings and diabetes management.

How do you promote quality assurance?

Each program has on-site supervisors who are responsible for developing the Individualized Support Plan, ensuring its execution. They are also responsible for overall program quality.

How does someone pay for your services?

Individuals are funded by various sources. For more information on contacting a local agency, access the State of Wisconsin website, which has information related to supporting people with disabilities. Contact our Administrative Office for more information on cost of services available in your area.

How do I find out more?

To get more detailed information please contact our Administrative Office


What type of services do you offer?

Our current programs offer various staff-to-participant ratios, dependent upon care/supervision needs. Our staffing ratios allow us to appropriately meet individual needs. The focus of each dedicated Paragon site is on the specific individuals being served at those sites. Services offered include community involvement, socialization, recreation and skill development (including paid work opportunities at some sites).