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Other Services


Paragon provides transportation on a limited basis in agency-owned vehicles. Transportation to and from the site to your residence may be available for an additional fee based on the distance from the site. Our employees are screened for good driving records and trained on safe transportation practices, including wheelchair transporting.

One to One Staffing Ratios

In certain circumstances, higher staff to person ratios may be required, depending on an individual’s needs. In these cases, individual programs are created to maintain other staffing ratios, such as one to one, at a different daily rate. This service is available at all sites and in all programs.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy may be available on site by caring and experienced therapists for an additional fee. Individual assessments by the therapists are completed at the request of the individual/guardian or their care manager. Massage therapy may not be available at all locations. Contact us for additional details.

Formal Therapies

Many times individuals require additional supports in regards to receptive and expressive language, gross motor, and fine motor skills. Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists are available to provide evaluations and therapy from outside agencies. Their availability of therapy at our sites varies with an individual’s insurance coverage and the availability of agencies in the community to come to the site.