Empowering People to Endless Possibilities

Adult Day Programs

Paragon Community Services offers a wide array of Adult Day Services to people with varying disabilities at locations throughout Wisconsin. We pride ourselves in serving everyone, with near zero rejections or discharges. The services and activities we provide are based on the unique needs of the individual. Many of our structured activities are centered on developing skills to increase self-reliance.

Brain Injury Program

Individuals who have suffered brain injury are encouraged to engage in social interaction, daily living activities, and skill building. Several members of our management staff have received their AACBIS* certification.

*The Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) offers a voluntary national certification program for both entry-level staff and experienced professionals working in brain injury services.

Sensory Integration Program

Individuals who would benefit from enhanced awareness of their environment and interaction with their surroundings are encouraged to participate in our sensory integration program. The program focuses on exploration of sensory experiences such as visual (sight), tactile (touch), vestibular (movement, swinging), auditory (hearing), olfactory (smell), proprioreceptive (position changes) and gustatory (taste).

Social Integration Program

Individuals with socialization needs spend quality time together, allowing for friendships to develop outside of home life. These opportunities can improve quality of life, assist with skill development, and foster new relationships. Participants have varied opportunities for off-site community activities.